How to creat a chart from data imported from a website

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How creates a chart from the data imported from a website in R


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Let say

Then I need to extract the Result ;;Pre World War I;;
I wish to know to creat a chart after extracting the data

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Your question is still very vague. I assume you have the table as shown on the Wikipedia page as a data frame in R, and now you like to visualise it. There are many different ways you can display data, and so you must first decide the type of chart you like, which data is going to be plotted and how it needs to be changed in order to fit your needs.

You will have to start writing some code before we can help you here, because we have nothing to work with. A great way to get inspiration and examples is to use the R gallery

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I see . Extracting from Wikipedia is easy. But the data I want to extract is from a website that doesnot a class table. Pleas see the link below.

Please what can be the synthax code to extract this data in R


This is actually an API, so you can query it to extract data easily. Just by changing the last part of the URL from "html" into "csv" I could get the data in R in just one line of code.

myData = read.csv("")
#>   id_stacji         stacja data_pomiaru godzina_pomiaru temperatura
#> 1     12295     Białystok   2021-11-11              19         2.9
#> 2     12600 Bielsko Biała   2021-11-11              19         3.4
#> 3     12235       Chojnice   2021-11-11              19         6.1
#> 4     12550   CzÄ\231stochowa   2021-11-11              19         3.6
#> 5     12160        ElblÄ…g   2021-11-11              19         4.8
#> 6     12155        Gdańsk   2021-11-11              19         7.9
#>   predkosc_wiatru kierunek_wiatru wilgotnosc_wzgledna suma_opadu cisnienie
#> 1               2             240                97.2          0    1020.9
#> 2               2             290                95.8          0    1026.1
#> 3               4             240                97.9          0    1021.8
#> 4               1             200                89.2          0    1025.0
#> 5               6             230                97.2          0    1020.3
#> 6               3             230                90.1          0    1019.7

Created on 2021-11-11 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

This won't work for regular websites, but does for this particular API


Hi thank for your support.

What about is you want plot the the data directly? Using the gglot library

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