How to Copy and Paste in R Studio

Since the last time I used R studio, all copy and paste functions seem to have disappeared

  1. ctrl C and ctrl V do nothing
  2. The copy and paste commands in the edit menu do nothing
  3. rt click Copy acts like it might be working, but rt click Paste doesn't even light up
    Is it just me, or is this a big step toward non-functionality?

Are you on RStudio Desktop or Server ?
Which OS ?

Desktop R Studio
Windows 10
Windows, R and R studio are all up to date

On windows desktop, I am not sure what could go wrong... Maybe someone will have encountered the same issue. We will see

I reloaded R Studio, now it works.
One of those blankity blank intermittent problems
Altho from the number of entries on this site over the last 5 years
referring to problems with crtl C, problem may be deeper seated
or it's good old Windows jerking us around
Thanks very much for your help

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