How to connect to DB MySQL from a shiny app?

Hello, I am developing an app in shiny where the data that I enter in the form I want to save in a mysql database, for this I have created a remote connection database in an amazon service and in my local when I make the connection everything works Ok but when I publish the app in I get the error that the connection package is not found in this case I am using DBI and I get an error related to RMySQL.

Hi @MARIETA_MARRES , it looks like the is not picking up the fact that you are using RMySQL , probably because you are using it inside a function. I would try, at the top of your app explicitly calling the package, via library(RMySQL)

Hello, thanks for your answer, when I call the package explicitly I get this error

it's as if the package had never been installed but on my local I already installed it