How to connect a shiny app with sap hana directly

Is there a way to connect sap hana directly to R shiny so that I can create a shiny dashboard on cloud.

One of my friend asked me to do it. and I don't know any driver to connect it to sap. So far I don't know if it's hana or oracle or anything similar.

But I just want to know what are ways to connect to database DB2, MS SQL, Oracle or HANA.

I know at least MS SQL and Oracle drivers work with Shiny Server Pro.

I am in India.

It's a very small firm and He is paying me less than a 1000 dollar (60,000 rs.)to make one; which will include the cloud cost as well. And Shiny server pro is like 10,000 dollar per year.

How can I even think of going pro??

I'm guessing there are other configurations you can set up without that direct integration, I was just answering your question with the information I had -- which, clearly, didn't include the full picture of your use case.

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Are you aware of any other configuration please because that would help a lot

So in HANA if you host your model as an oData service through creating an .xsodata file, you can consume the models data pretty easily in R/Shiny apps using the jsonlite or curl packages.

Alternatively it’s also possible to use the HANA JDBC driver and the RJDBC package to connect which enables running of SQL, that was the easist way I could work out how to connect it as I couldn’t get the ODBC driver to work.

Thanks for replying I would do it some other time for the time being I dropped the project. Because I didn't have any solution for it.

But Thanks for replying..