How to connect a button in UI to an echarts4r graph in server?

...This is my code...

ui <- fluidPage(

sliderInput(inputId = "x", slider for age
label = "Age:",
value = c(min(df$Age, na.rm = TRUE), max(df$Age,na.rm = TRUE)),
min = min(df$Age,na.rm = TRUE),
max = max(df$Age, na.rm = TRUE),
step = 1,
server <- function(input, output, session) {

total <- reactive({
total <- e_charts(df$Age) %>% # initialise and set x


output$total <- renderEcharts4r({
shinyApp(ui, server)

The image is below. Can anyone help me with this?
I am trying to get a slider that filters age using echarts4r

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