How to configure RStudio connect and workbench with SSO

I am working to implement SSO for RStudio (Connect, Workbench and Package manager) with Linux and AD and a Nutanix NFS. I am looking for a best solution to achieve this.

What does SSO mean to you? Typically this refers to using protocols like SAML or OpenID Connect. Both are supported by Workbench and Connect (there is no auth in Package Manager). However, Active Directory does not support those protocols.

We need a seamless user login experience to rstudio connect and workbench with ADFS. Please can you direct me to where I can find the relevant documentation to read up on it? Thanks

ADFS does put an OpenID Connect or SAML layer on top of AD. I don't have any documentation handy for how to configure ADFS, but for RStudio products you can look into:

Keep in mind that for Workbench you still need to provision the users, typically by integrating the Linux server into the AD domain.

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