How to configure a theme to have a separate colors for: message, warning, error

I have been researching a bit about custom themes in RStudio.

I can inspect an element, but I am not seeing a distinction in the class structure between an error and a message and a warning...

> print("hello");
[1] "hello"
> warning("hello");
Warning message:
> stop("hello");
Error: hello


<span class="GHF-EWBBF0B">[1] "hello"

WARNING: (two spans)

<span class="GHF-EWBBP-B  ace_constant ace_language">Warning message:

<span class="GHF-EWBBP-B  ace_constant ace_language">hello 

ERROR: (only one span)

<span class="GHF-EWBBP-B  ace_constant ace_language">Error: hello

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