How to compile Inequaity index

I have this inequality condition. But don't know how to write in R.

I dont understand this notation.
what is the first sum exactly , summing what from what to what ?

Fx(j) is cumulative distribution of population proportion.
j is number of categories which is three in my case and m is median category which is 2.

Im sorry for my mathematical ignorance. I didnt go the full math route back in my university days.
Is it possible to represent the summation to be performed with this level of detail?

I don't know what this is, but you might want to double check that it hasn't already been implemented in R by someone else, since there are a few packages that have inequality measures (e.g. Gini, RS, Atkinson, Theil, Kolm). See, for example, the ineq package.

there are no packages for this in R. I just want to know how exactly i should write it manually.
Like using if else statement or for or something else? specially the summation part.

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