How to combine those cells ?

This is my dataframe:

chisq_matrix <- as.table(rbind(c(18,	36,	21,	9, 6),
                                   c(12, 36, 45, 36,	21),
                                   c(6,	9,	9,	3,	3),
                                   c(3,	9,	9,	6,	3)))

dimnames(chisq_matrix) <- list(Marital_status = c("Never_married", "Married", "Divorced", "Widowed"),
                    Education_level = c("Middleschoolorlower",	"Highschool",	"Bachelors",	"Masters",	"PhDorhigher"))

which gives me this:

I would like to get this:

and so on to fill up all dataframe. How do I do it, please.

You can try this:

chisq_matrix$Middleschoolorlower <- paste0(chisq_matrix$Middleschoolorlower, " ", "-", " ", chisq_matrix$Marital_status, "/Middleschoolorlower")

However, the output of the code you have written does not correspond to the first table you show.

chisq_matrix  = chisq_matrix  %>%

This is corrected code.

Yes, sorry, I forgot to mention that chisq_matrix has to be a data frame in this case. But if you use

instead of

the code I have provided above won't give you the output you want.

I would do this:

class(chisq_matrix) # table
chisq_matrix <-
class(chisq_matrix) # data.frame

chisq_matrix$Middleschoolorlower <- paste0(chisq_matrix$Middleschoolorlower, " ", "-", " ", chisq_matrix$Marital_status, "/Middleschoolorlower")

Thank you for your reply, I can do it your way step-by-step, but maybe you know more automatic solution for all columns at once ?

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