How to combine an excel dataframe with a r dataframe?

I have imported both files, but they have different column names and the excel file has more observations. How do i combine these two files into one dataframe?

Do you want to combine the two data frames row-wise or column-wise?
If it is row-wise, is the only problem that the column names do not match? You can change the column names using the colnames() function and then use rbind().
If you want to join the data frames column-wise, you can use one of *_join functions from dplyr, probably left_join but you need to choose which columns will control the join.
If you provide short examples of your data and explain how you want to combine them, someone could give you more detailed guidance. You can paste the output of the dput() function to provide data samples. For example, if a data frame is named DF, paste the output of dput(head(DF)) between lines of three back ticks.
your output here

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