how to choose a date from dropdown calendar

Please, help me to review the following script where I am not able to fix a date I choose from dropdown calendar, it is getting back to the initial date ( in this case , it is a current date):

output$Table1010 <- renderRHandsontable({

data$df1010$Balance <- data$df1010$Gain - data$df1010$Loss

data <- data$df1010 %>%
mutate(Date of transaction = Sys.Date()) %>%

rhandsontable(data, strecH = "all") %>%
hot_col(2, type = "dropdown", source = c(4, 6, 8)) %>%
hot_col(2, type = "date")


Hi @firuz.safaev. Without seeing more of your code, I assume you have a calendar widget in your app that I'll assume has the id, my_calendar_id. In the code you shared, the Date of transaction is being set to the current date via Sys.Date(). To reflect the value selected in the calendar widget, try making the following update.

data <- data$df1010 %>%
mutate(Date of transaction = input$my_calendar_id) %>%

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