How to change the y-axis height of sankey diagram in ggalluvial

Hello, I have created a sankey diagram using ggalluvial package, the pic as below, but you can see that the text on y is too small to see it clearly, so I want to Increase the y-axis ratio in order to make the words more clearly. if only increase font size, it will overlap or it will reduce the display of many countries' names because I add the check_overlap = TRUE, so How to change the ratio of y , or can it change the ratio in ggalluvia package, could you please help me?

my code is

is_alluvia_form(mydata_alluvia,weight = "FDI.changes")

  geom_text(stat="stratum",label.strata=TRUE,size=1.5,check_overlap = TRUE)+
  scale_x_discrete(limits=c("Primary sender","Target state"),expand=c(.05,.05))+
  ggtitle("Financial Sanctions during 1970-2017")

I'm not quite sure I follow. Since there are so many values to be displayed on the right-side y-axis, it might always look a little crowded.

Are you just asking how you increase the resolution of the plot?

You can save the plot to a file, and explicitly define the size and resolution with ggsave.

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Thank you very much, emmm how to say that, I want to increase the height of the rectangle represented by each country on the y-axis, or increase the height of y axis, can it be done?

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