How to change the position, the size, the color and add the legend in haplotype network using R studio?

Please help me guys!
I have 20 DNA sequences from 4 sampling location, 5 individual each location. I would like to make haplotype network using R studio.
Here is my scripts

read.dna("fiksya.fasta", format="fasta") -> Naso
NasoHaps <- haplotype(Naso)

NasoNet <- haploNet(NasoHaps)
plot(NasoNet, size=attr(NasoNet,"freq")*.2, labels=F, fast=F, 

  stack(setNames(attr(NasoHaps, "index"), rownames(NasoHaps))),
  table(hap=ind, pop=rownames(Naso)[values]))
plot(NasoNet, size=attr(NasoNet, "freq"), pie=ind.hap) 

the output is like this

I would like to change the position of haplotype network, set the size of picture (I hope it would become bigger than now), add the legend based on the name of sampling locations, change the color based on my own preference.

Does anyone know how to do so?
Please help me.
Thank you.

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