how to change text box size?

Hi, im learning how to use the vegan package, and im following the Intro Vegan ( , pag 2 - 6). So i use the following code

plot(ord, disp="sites", type="n")
ordihull(ord, Management, col=1:4, lwd=3)
ordiellipse(ord, Management, col=1:4, kind="ehull", lwd=3)
ordiellipse(ord, Management, col=1:4, draw="polygon")
ordispider(ord, Management, col=1:4, label=TRUE)
points(ord, disp="sites", pch=21, col="red", bg="yellow", cex=1.3)

and i got this graph ->

but it is wrong, it suppose to create this graph -> pag 6 of the Intro Vegan (sorry im a new user i can upload only 1 picture)

How do i make the text box smaller? and how i can make the graph complete (the first graph its missing some parts of the curve)?

Thank you

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