How to change letter case in RStudio editor

I would like to change the case of some text.

I can change UPPERCASE to lowercase with ctrl+Shift+U

How can I change lower case to upper case in Windows?

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xx  <-  "It Was A Dark and Stormy Night"


Argh *toupper()

Ctrl+U says default in my editor, but it didn't work when I tried it.

One can follow this guide to change keyboard shortcuts.

In this case, filter for "upper" should find the proper shortcut. In my case, changing it to Ctrl+shift+Pg Up worked

To clarify, I have a lot of code similar to:

dataframe1$third = dataframe1$SECOND - dataframe1$FIRST

I want all of the columns be small letters, such as:
dataframe1$third = dataframe1$second - dataframe1$first

Or else all CAPITALS.

Ctrl + Shift + U converts text to small letters, but I do not know how to get all CAPS.

I am reluctant to modify keyboard shortcuts.

I guess I will just use the convert to small letters option.

tolower(names(dataframe1) or toupper(names(dataframe1) if I understand you.

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