How to calculate skill scores between observe and model data by R software?

As a new user, I would like to learn how can calculate "skill scores" between observed and model data by R software.
My data is in an excel sheet which is attached to the following link.

Hopefully, I will get a positive response from the R community.
Skill score formula

Please define Z_m and Z_o.

I guess Z_{m} is just the model score and Z_{o} is the observed score?

If so, you can do the following:

Data <- data.frame(observed = sample(0:10,1000,TRUE),
                   model    = sample(0:10,1000,TRUE))

  observed model
1        6     6
2        3     1
3        2     8
4        1     0
5        9     0
6        2     6

[1] 3315

Here, pmin() compares pairwise values from your two columns and takes the minimum. sum() just sums them up, which results in \sum_{i = 1}^{n} \min\{{Z_{i,m}, Z_{i,o}}\}

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