How to calculate 95% CI for odds, risk, rate (not ratio!) in R using epiR or another package?

I use the great epiR package to calculate the odds ratio, the risk ratio, the rate ratio and CI. But how can I get 95%CI for absolute risk, odds, rate (not for the ratio) in this or another package in R? I would very much like to be able to do this with a package epiR.

To calculate a confidence interval for an odds (risk, rate, smr) use the function epi.conf in epiR. Here we use the two-by-two table data from the documentation for function epi.2by2:

tab <- matrix(c(13,2163,5,3349), nrow = 2, byrow = TRUE)
rownames(tab) <- c("DF+", "DF-"); colnames(dat) <- c("FUS+", "FUS-"); tab
epi.2by2(dat = as.table(tab), method = "case.control", 
         conf.level = 0.95, units = 100, outcome = "as.columns")

Calculate the confidence interval for the odds of disease in the exposed:

pos <- 13; neg <- 2163
epi.conf(dat = as.matrix(cbind(pos, neg)), ctype = "odds", N = 1000, 
         design = 1, conf.level = 0.95)

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