How to attribute R / RStudio in scientific publication?

For those of you who publish in scientific journals, how do you generally attribute R and/or RStudio? For example, with other software, in a Methods section I'll generally state something to the effect of:

"The decision analysis was performed using TreeAge Pro (TreeAge, Williamstown, MA)"

but haven't yet had to do this with R and RStudio. Do you generally cite both R and RStudio, or is citing just one of them sufficient?

On the R FAQs page it has a section for citing R: R FAQ

To cite R in publications, use

title = {R: A Language and Environment for Statistical
author = {{R Core Team}},
organization = {R Foundation for Statistical Computing},
address = {Vienna, Austria},
year = YEAR,
url = {}
where YEAR is the release year of the version of R used and can determined as R.version$year.

Citation strings (or BibTeX entries) for R and R packages can also be obtained by citation().

I'm not sure about citing RStudio, however I think that just citing R would be sufficient.


Awesome, many thanks!