How to assign several columns to several variable types in one single step?

Hello everybody! I have just begun to learn R and to apply it to my assignments. As a cub, I find it very tricky to handle variable alternation, especially in batches. And now I am trying to figure out how to (or is it possible to) alternate the variable type in a parametric way. For example, in a 26-column tibble, what should I do if I would like to alter the type of column A, B and D from character to numeric, and C, E, F and I from double to character in one step (without using 2 rows of mutate_at)? (all licit operation provided) Many thanks!

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WOW It's so great! Many thanks. By the way, with the vignette containing merely one across in each mutate function, I was not aware that it could be used multiple times in one mutate function until I tried and it worked. Many thanks again!

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