How to arrange the bars within stacked graphs ?

How can we arrange each bars in such a way that stacked box are arranged in an increasing order rather than random order ?

So, that it is easy to visualize !

Similar questions but this data doesnt consider the counts but the values,
Could not figure how to apply them here.

data <- tribble(~type, ~kind, ~percent,
        "ABC", "M", 30,
        "ABC", "N", 50,
        "ABC", "O", 10,
        "ABC", "P", 10,
        "BCD", "M", 60,
        "BCD", "N", 10,
        "BCD", "O", 30,
        "DEF", "P", 50,
        "DEF", "R", 50

data %>% 
  ggplot(aes(x = type, y = percent , fill = kind)) +

This is the graph generated by your code:

  1. Can you please specify which order do you want the graph to display?

  2. Can you please elaborate what did you mean by this data doesn’t consider the counts but the values? I don't really understand this point.

  3. Your code doesn't generate the any random order, rather they are in perfect alphabetical order.

  4. I may have misunderstood you completely, but if you want different order of kinds for different bars corresponding to types, I personally don't think that graph makes much sense. Obviously, I can be wrong here, as it is somehow subjective.

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Thanks for your response.
Actually, Can we arrange the colrs in 1 particular order for all the bars ?

Eg. ABC should red and top of this brown and then green and blue
Similarly, BCD should also follow the same order depending on which colors it has !

All bars should follow particular order/arrangement
Red > brown > green > blue > Indigo

So that we can see the trend how red is increasing or decreasing from ABC to DEF

Normally, these graphs doesnt consider more than 1 axis and uses count as the value to display the share.
In this case, we have x and y axis instead of just x axis i.e type
(in that case, county will be ABC: 4, BCD: 3, DEF: 2)

That would be the case if you were using geom_bar() but geom_col() is equivalent to geom_bar(stat = "identity")

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