How to apply filter to specific code chunks when exporting to reveal.js ?

Hello all,

I use RStudio IDE as an R Markdown editor, to write math content.
To export to PDF or html, i use the Bookdown extension, and the 'theorem environment'.

I want to use the same *.rmd files to also export my content with Reveal.js format, using the Rstudio dedicated package.

Code chunks in *.rmd:

In my *.rmd file, I have many codechunks that written like :


this is a theorem. $x^2 \in \mathbb{R}$  ```

which are rendered fine with bookdown in PDF and html format.

How code-chunks are converted to reveal.js html:

When exporting this *.rmd file with reveal.js, the code chunk is treated as code, and the output for the above code chunk is:

<my revealjs presentation.html>
<pre class="theorem">
   <code>this is a theorem. $x^2 \in \mathbb{R}$</code>

that is : RStudio has rendered my code chunk as pure code, which I can't format nicely. I would like this kind of content to be formatted into my presentation with a div tag with a "theorem" class, and no code nor pre tag.

How I would like them to be converted:

Is there a solution to filter my *.rmd file so that *all code chunks that are labelled with the {theorem} tag are rendered as normal text, within a div, instead of being runned as code.

<my revealjs presentation.html>
<div class="theorem">
   this is a theorem. <span class="math inline">\(x^2 \in \mathbb{R}\)</span>

Maybe something can be done to pre-process the *.rmd file before running knitr ?
If someone has a solution that will be very helpful


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