How to adjust the axis scales and Label in ggplot2


I was trying to generate a bar graph through ggplot but I am unable to adjust the scales.
My data difference between two groups are very big so the bar for the smaller count group is very small, almost invisible. so how should I adjust the scales of Y axis so that it is visit. if there is any scope to add zoom bar on scale to drag the bar in ggplot.
How to add labels on the top of the bar in bar graph.

Code and the data has been attached.


Query_detail_Rave2 %>% ggplot(aes(fill = Query_Type, x= Marking Group, y= Query_Count), height = 50, width = 200) +
geom_bar(position= position_dodge(), stat="identity", width = 0.5) + coord_cartesian(ylim = c(0, 500)) +
theme(axis.text.x = element_text(angle = 90, size = 7)) +
geom_text(aes(label = Query_Count), vjust = 1.5, size=3) +
theme(plot.title = element_text(hjust=0.5)) + ylab('Number of Query') +
ggtitle("Number of Query per group")


I don't have your data, so I cannot reproduce the graph. Next time, I suggest to make a Reprex, which is great for receiving good responses.

Some suggestions:

  • yscale limits are set in your script. Change upper limit and full bars will become visible
  • change vjust = 1.5 to a negative number to print it above the bar

Hope this brings something you are looking for.


Thanks a lot. I am able to bring the desired one according to your suggestion


I would like continue with this topic.
How to make the label appear only once for every segmented stacked bar. When I am trying to do so the label is appearing for every segment but I need only once at the top of the bar. Please see my data. I am passing the label variable "Query_Closed" for geom_text.

Query_Closed_By Marking Group Query_Closed Query_Closed_Per_Group
Manual Close Site from System 11900 4485
Manual Close Site from DM 11900 4785
Manual Close Site from CRA 11900 2517
Manual Close DM from System 11900 33
Still Open Site from DM 267 86
Closed By System Site from System 8739 8527
Closed By System Site from Coder 8739 202
Still Open Site from CRA 267 42
Still Open Site from System 267 138
Still Open Site from Safety 267 1
Manual Close Site from Coder 11900 30
Closed By System DM from System 8739 2
Manual Close Site from Scientific Expert 11900 2
Manual Close Site from Safety 11900 46
Closed By System CRA from System 8739 7
Manual Close CRA from System 11900 2
Closed By System Site from Safety 8739 1

Currently my graph is looking like below.

Thanks for your help.


You need to make a dataframe with summed values. I borrowed my code as well, so to pay credits to my source, see the answer here at Stackoverflow

Good luck!


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