How to adjust axis limits in 'rplot' function from package 'Rallfun-v38', when xlim and ylim are not accepted in the function?

Hello, I am relatively new to R and do not have a computer science background or formal training in using R. What I have learned thus far has been self taught so I apologize if my terminology is off.

I am using R version 4.0.5 with the package 'Rallfun-v38" from Rand Wilcox's site:


I am using the function 'rplot' to plot the running-interval smooth of two continuous variables. I have no issues with getting the plot, but I have not been able to figure out how to adjust the x and y axis limits. I know that in other plot related functions 'xlim = c(0,10), ylim = c(1,7)' would achieve this. However, the rplot function does not accept this argument.

I was wondering if there is another way to adjust these limits in the rplot function? This is the full expression of the rplot function:

rplot(x, y, est = tmean, scat = TRUE, fr = NA, plotit = TRUE, pyhat = FALSE, efr = 0.5, theta = 50, phi = 25, scale = TRUE, expand = 0.5, SEED = TRUE, varfun = pbvar, outfun = outpro, nmin = 0, xout = FALSE, eout = FALSE, xlab = ‘X’, ylab = ‘Y’, zscale = FALSE, zlab = ‘ ’, pr = TRUE, duplicate = ‘error’, ticktype = ‘simple’, LP = TRUE, OLD = FALSE, pch = ‘.’, ...)

Wilcox, Rand R.. Introduction to Robust Estimation and Hypothesis Testing (Statistical Modeling and Decision Science) (p. 633). Elsevier Science. Kindle Edition.

As you can see, xlim and ylim are not included.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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