How to add special character i-umlaut in R Quarto?

I am preparing a textbook using Quarto. I have a problem changing the author name. This is what I wrote:

  type: book

  title: "biostatistics"
  author: "Sa\"{i}d M"
  date: "10/7/2023"
    - index.qmd
    - intro.qmd
    - summary.qmd
    - references.qmd

bibliography: references.bib

    theme: cosmo
    documentclass: scrreprt

editor: visual

As you know, Sa\"{i}d should yield Saïd. But in Quarto it yields this instead:

Screenshot from 2023-10-07 20-44-15

Can someone tell me where is the problem? What do I need to change? Thank you very much in advance.

YAML will accept UNICODE

author: "Saïd M"

I am not very familiar with Unicode, in fact I never used it before. I would like to use latex-like script instead.

I haven't found a way to have LaTeX markup in YAML headers to render properly. It may be possible by editing the source code for the pandoc filters, but it would be far easier to get a table of Unicode sequences and do it like this

author: "Sa\u00EFd M"

I don't think you need to be knowledgeable. I think @technocrat was referring to the fact that you directly provide ï fro you i-umlaut without special syntax. It would then be correctly formatted for PDF or HTML output.

Otherwise, you should be able to use LaTeX syntex but that would only work for LaTeX output, and you need to tell Quarto (and thus pandoc) you are providing raw LaTeX.

author: '`Sa{\"i}d M`{=latex}'

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