How to add custom icon to valuebox ?

I am trying to insert some icons to the valuebox in Shiny app but the needed icons are unavailable on fontawesome, is there any way to do this ?


According to the doc of shinyDashboard::valueBox() you can provide an icon that you can build with shiny::iconand built in in this function you found fontawesome but also glyphicon. see ?shiny::icon
You may find the icon you want in glyphicon.

If none is ok with you, I guess there is an advanced use possible using css, js and modified HTML. It is more web development than R dev, but I am not sure if it is easy or not.
The code of shiny::icon could help understand how to use another JS icon library if you really need too.

Hope it helps.

Here is a gist on using custom icons in a shinydashboard:
I have not had a chance to try it out.

it's very difficult solution

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