How to add conda to path in RStudio with new conda initialization

As of conda V.4.40 the correct way to put conda in the environment is no longer to add ...../conda/bin to your path. You are now supposed to source <path to conda>/conda/etc/profile.d/ This is a major change that was not well publicized.

In the past, I updated my path in RStudio to start with my conda path. What is the way to do it now?

I the past I put this in my .Rprofile:

Sys.setenv(PATH=paste0('/home/conda/bin:', Sys.getenv('PATH')))

I now added:

system('. /home/balter/conda/etc/profile.d/')

But when I try to use reticulate in RStudio, this happens:

> use_condaenv('microbiome') 
Error: Unable to find conda binary. Is Anaconda installed?

Note: In command-line R, it works fine. The only problem is in RStudio.