How to add a row with a calculation and transformation

Good day. I can't cope with adding a row in a calculation column.
My sample data

mydf <- data.frame( opis = c('Plan_zamowien', 'Wykonanie_zamowien', 'Plan_liczba', 'Wykonanie_liczba')
, styczen = c(1687, 500 , 222, 300)
, luty = c(2000, 1200, 234, 220))

I would like to get such a result, will you tell me how to do it?

Once you do such a thing, you will have only character columns, so you wont be able to calculate on that frame anymore. i.e. reporting dataframes are 'the last step' in a workflow.

Your issue seems similar to this one that I answered recently...

Though your case is perhaps simpler as you dont want the summary info in seperate columns but in the same columns.

Thank you for your support.
I obtained the intended effect by changing the order of calculations to the data frame

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