how to add a key to open Addins Menu

does anyone knows how to add a key combination to access the Addins Menu?
it's very useful and i use it a lot but i would rather not use mouse to open this menu and save extra time not moving my hands far from the keyboard.


You can use Tools -> Modify Keyboard Shortcuts... to modify shortcuts for RStudio commands, including addins.

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There are a couple related open issues on GitHub, too, if you want to chime in with an emoji vote (or more):

Right now, I can either:

  • Click once on the Addins menu, but from there I can use the keyboard to find and execute Addins
  • Use the keyboard to bring up the Browse Addins dialog and find an Addin, but I have to click (twice!) to execute it

Either way, I personally prefer to use browse/search interfaces instead of remembering a slew of shortcuts (and managing shortcut conflicts).

Thanks @jcblum , hope this feature is available soon.

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