How to access array data nested in a data frame

I have a data frame looks like this, with a array of binary data nested inside the pressTime column (column 8).

My goal is to access this array data and plot it as a function of time. (example)

Currently, I don't know how to extract/access the array data in that column. Any suggestions on data pre-processing or packages for plotting would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,

I have a data frame looks like this where pressTime in column 8 is saved as a nested list.

My goal is to extract this nested list and plot it as a function of time. However, I have been running to trouble in accessing this data.

The data type of this file is "list", but the type of pressTime columns/cells are "integer". Is there any way I can manipulate this or converting it back to an array or a list?

Any help and suggestions will be appreciated.


These can be converted to a vector with unlist()

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