how stop content from print time on console

When I use content function, there is time print on console (0s). i would like to stop this message from printing on the console.

res <- GET("")
httr::content(res, "parsed", encoding = "UTF-8", show_col_types = FALSE)

You could save the object to a variable and then it doesn't happen. Still not sure WHY it is happening though.

res <- GET("")
datin <- httr::content(res, "parsed", encoding = "UTF-8", show_col_types = FALSE)

#> # A tibble: 3 x 35
#>   Classification  Year Period `Period Desc.` `Aggregate Level` `Is Leaf Code`
#>   <chr>          <dbl>  <dbl>          <dbl>             <dbl>          <dbl>
#> 1 H4              2013   2013           2013                 0              0
#> 2 H4              2013   2013           2013                 0              0
#> 3 H4              2013   2013           2013                 0              0
#> # ... with 29 more variables: Trade Flow Code <dbl>, Trade Flow <chr>,
#> #   Reporter Code <dbl>, Reporter <chr>, Reporter ISO <chr>,
#> #   Partner Code <dbl>, Partner <chr>, Partner ISO <chr>,
#> #   2nd Partner Code <lgl>, 2nd Partner <lgl>, 2nd Partner ISO <lgl>,
#> #   Customs Proc. Code <lgl>, Customs <lgl>, Mode of Transport Code <lgl>,
#> #   Mode of Transport <lgl>, Commodity Code <chr>, Commodity <chr>,
#> #   Qty Unit Code <dbl>, Qty Unit <chr>, Qty <lgl>, ...

Created on 2021-11-12 by the reprex package (v2.0.1)

i did what you said, but it keeps showing if you are running the code in a loop

Share a reproducible example so we can help a bit better.

reproducible example

for (i in c(4, 8, 36)){
res <- GET(paste0("", i, "&p=0&rg=all&cc=TOTAL&fmt=csv"))
x <- httr::content(res, "parsed", encoding = "UTF-8", show_col_types = FALSE)

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