How much time do you spend on data visualization?

Hello R community, we've probably all heard the old line about data sci's spending 50% to 70% of their time on data import/cleaning. I'm wondering how much % time R coders spend on data visualization. What do ya'll think? Thanks!

  • less than 10% of my time on data vis
  • between 10% and 30% of my time on data vis
  • between 30% and 50% of my time on data vis
  • more than 50% of my time on data vis
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Maybe 5%:

  • 30% cleaning (since others help)
  • 10% data exploration (maybe 5% using visualization)
  • 20% writing core code
  • 30% iterating on the model
  • 10% debugging

(I'm an economist, not a data scientist, fwiw; and I'm not making front-end stuff, only doing visualization for internal use.)

By the way, you could edit your post to contain a poll -- click the gear above the editing window and click "Build Poll". (Example here.)

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Hey great idea - poll added!

Does vis include the time I spend interpreting the plots I make? I have a bad habit of running off 800 plots at a time.

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