How much RAM, CPU power needed?


I'm presently using the free account plan.

I'm running a number optimization script w/ ~1,000 variables (with each variable representing the offensive or defensive rating for HS football teams, hence the tremendous volume). The project eventually times out -- usually after an hour or two.

I have no problem running the same script on the NFL, where there are only 32 teams and thus 64 variables. The project runs in a matter of moments.

Will going to the premium account (16 GB RAM, 4 CPU) from the free account (1 GB RAM, 1 CPU) have a tangible impact or probably not?


Hard to say whiteout seen your actual code and your app's logs. Is your code parallelized? otherwise, having more cores is going to make no difference at all, is your app running out of RAM?

If cost is an object, provision a free RStudio Server on an AWS EC2 instance with similar HP and run a test first.

Perhaps the easiest thing to try is to run R on a laptop or desktop with more RAM and see how it works there.

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