How map contours can be removed from facet_wrap compositions?

Hello everyone! It would be great if you could help me, since I have no idea what keywords are for my problem, so I can't search. I use the shapefile of my study area and want to show some variables on the map using ggplot2. I also use facet_wrap to combine three maps together. The problem is, that my map has a contour, and facet_wrap also has one. I'd like to somehow get rid of the outer contours of my map (red arrows), which aren't country borders, but they do indicate the end of the map. I want to leave only the facet borders (blue arrows). Is it possible to do it with ggplot?
Sorry for showing only the fragment of the picture, I do not want to show the full map. Your help is greatly appreciated :hugs:.

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Hi @Indrute


A wild guess, but have you tried adjusting the plotting margins somewhere with


See ggplot documentation.

Hope this helps, otherwise I have no clue.


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