How many characters in each column name of dataframe ?

I would like to know how many characters are in each and every variable name of dataframe.
Basically I want to use something like nchar for all columns at once.
How do I do it ?

#>  mpg  cyl disp   hp drat   wt qsec   vs   am gear carb 
#>    3    3    4    2    4    2    4    2    2    4    4

Created on 2023-01-06 with reprex v2.0.2

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Thank you very much indeed, exactly what I wanted.

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Would it be possible to do it in some tidyverse way as well ?


# done on tablet and not  checked
new_frame <- data.frame(var_names = colnames(mtcars)) %>%
     mutate(name_length = nchar(var_names))

The trade off is perhaps more intuitive syntax than {base}, but more of it.

It works like a charm, even on tablet you are The Boss, thank you very, very much Sir.

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