How is it functioning with external.regression option in rugarch package?

Hello World!
I have read the description to gogarch package, but i don't understand the function of external.regression option in that package.. How it is working ? could you give an example?

us=ugarchspec(variance.model=list(model="iGARCH", garchOrder=c(1,1)), 
        mean.model=list(armaOrder=c(1,0), include.mean=F),distribution.model="norm",
usgarch=ugarchfit(spec = us,data = Data)

#This gives us parameters estimations 
#but lets say  my mean  and variance parts in the second equation:
us2=ugarchspec(**variance.model=list(model="iGARCH", garchOrder=c(1,1)), 
        mean.model=list(armaOrder=c(1,0),** include.mean=F),distribution.model="norm",
usgarch=ugarchfit(spec = us2,data = Data2)
# are dependent form   first equation (us2  has its own AR1 garch1,1 process, plus the  mean and variance innovations from "us" which are included into equation of "us2").    

#Can I use the " external.regression" function for this instances? how will I include ? 
#To write all calculation steps with ML, for parameters is very tedious work, 
#I have data with 16 variables meaning i have to otherwise to write to each of them the calculation scripts 

Did I explain it well? in case it is not clear please write a comment i will respond immediately.

Solved by myself.
used external.regressors within ugarchsepec

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