How I can combine data

Hai.. Im Wijaya and I m still new in working with R. I have a project to complish and I find a problem. Hope you all can help me. I have a lot of data seperately in different excel file. Each file show me the data in daily in each year. So I have a lot of seperate file. How can I combine all of it to extract my main goal from that data because if I combine it in excel, it would not enough. Thank you

Code like the following example reads all of the Excel files in a directory into a list and then combines that list into one data frame. The Excel files should have identical column structure.


ExcelFiles <- list.files(path = "R/Play", pattern = ".xlsx",
                         full.names = TRUE)

AllFiles <- map(ExcelFiles, .f = read_excel)
AllData <- bind_rows(AllFiles)

Thank you for your help. I'll try it

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