How Get Share of Values on a Grouped Tibble

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I'm trying to summarize a table but also showing alongside the count of values (categorical) i wanted to see what % they represent over the total. I'm grouping the data so when i call the n() function it counts only the categories within each group how i do: n()/"overall count of variable"?

Here is one method.

DF <- tibble(Cat = sample(LETTERS[1:4], 20, replace = TRUE))
Percents <- DF %>% group_by(Cat) %>% summarize(C = n(), P = n()/nrow(DF))
# A tibble: 4 × 3
  Cat       C     P
  <chr> <int> <dbl>
1 A         5  0.25
2 B         7  0.35
3 C         2  0.1 
4 D         6  0.3 
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