How does Shiny server decide between index.qmd and index.html when both are present?

My shiny server has many holders, each with an index.qmd file and a index.html. When I make a change render the index.qmd file and shiny server will display the index.html file when I browse to that folder.

Some setting much have gotten messed up because now for some folders shiny server serves the index.qmd file instead of the index.html. How is it supposed to decide?


You mean that when you reached to the URL, it shows you the unrendered version ?

Where are your hosting your files ?

You'll find the source of the rmarkdown::run() function here and you'll see that is no default_file provided, then it will default to he index.qmd

this file will be rendered to index.html to be served usually.

Can you described more of what is happening ?

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