How does multithreading work?

Let's suppose I ddevelop an R program and I deploy it using Sniny. My program includes commands to execute commercial products, for example, "[OpenMS] open source Software C++ library for LC-MS/MS data management and analysis that offers an infrastructure for the development of mass spectrometry related software. Allows peptide and metabolite quantification. " I want for the application that I am developing to be multithreaded so that it can be used by multiple users concurrently in a web environment, so I will developed my program using R and R Studio Sniny. How does multithreading concurrency work when the OpenMS software is invoked by my application concurrently by many users of my application? Can the OpenMs software be exercuted by all the users concurrently within my application? I do not know much about this topic. It would also be good to know of any sources where I can explore this topic.

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