How do you decided whether something should be a vignette or an article?

How do you decided whether some long form documentation should be a vignette or an article?

I'm interested as I have a package on CRAN with a pkgdown website, and I think a couple of the articles perhaps should be vignettes instead.

Maybe it doesn't even really matter?

Vignettes are checked by R CMD check, and I think in most cases this is the major difference. In many cases, I don't want CRAN to check my vignettes, because they might take long to run, they might create large files, or they might use development versions of packages.

A less important difference (for me) is that articles are not included in the published package. I suspect that many more people look at the pkgdown docs than the vignettes on CRAN or in the installed package, so I can live with this.

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Hmm I think you are probably right about this that it is not worth the extra risk of CRAN related stress/difficulty

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