How do tests work in Check?


I have the problem where my tests all pass when I run devtools::test(), but when I run Check from the Build pane most of them fail out. I am using some distributed architecture, so does anyone know how the execution environment is set up in R Check? I think I need to understand that before I'll get these working. I saw a Hadley doc on this that just said that that I was probably making an assumption on my environment and that these issues are tough to figure out, so just trying to learn more.

Feel free to also post any relevant links.


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:wave: @dzafar!

There is an issue thread in the R packages book repo that collects such stories i.e. " Tests that pass during devtools::test() but then fail during devtools::check()", so you might find relevant information there, if one of the cases mentioned/explored is similar to your case.

Good luck!

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