How do I summarise multiple table into a new table

I have 4 separate files about calories separately by daily, hourly, minutesnarrow and minutes wide.

I got the summary done for each of this table.

Now I want to compare the calories by time by merging or summarise all the four tables, how do I do that?

I have defined/distinct the columns in each table.
I want to understand to make the code chunk for this. I am newcomer


To help us help you, could you please prepare a reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue? Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

hourly_calories %>%
  select(ActivityHour, Calories) %>%
  drop_na() %>%
daily_calories %>%
  select(ActivityDay, Calories) %>%
  drop_na() %>%
minutes_caloriesNarrow %>%
  select(ActivityMinute, Calories) %>%
  drop_na() %>% 

minutes_caloriesWide %>%
  select(ActivityHour, Calories00, Calories01, Calories02, Calories03, Calories04, Calories05, Calories06) %>%
  drop_na() %>% 

I have downloaded reprex as told by you. the above code chunk has been run down. I want to define the data by calories by daily, hourly and by minutes

That is not what I meant, I'm asking you for a reproducible example (not just to download the reprex package) and we can't reproduce your problem without sample data.

Please read the guide on the link I gave you before and try to provide a proper reproducible example.

the reply you sent meant to put. "datapasta::df_paste" this with the data I am working right?

But what if the data I want to share is quite large.

or do I need to copy the data after run down of the code chunk and paste it here?

If practical, yes, but you can also use any made-up data that can illustrate your problem.

Use a subset of it, just large enough to illustrate your issue.

Sorry, I don't understand what you mean with this

lets play around with a 'simpler' version of what you want to do;
to simplify the discussion, lets imagine that you have daily and weekly data; which is 7 into 1 (a smaller number and easier to write out examples of than 60 min into 24 hours days...)

(xmpl_df <- expand_grid(day=1:7,week=1:2) |> 

(day_smry <- xmpl_df |> 
  group_by(day) |> 
(week_smry <- xmpl_df |> 
  group_by(week) |>

How do you think you want to present these two tables which are analogous to your three?
stack them vertically ? stack them horizontally with some sort of alignment ?

hey so basically it is the bellabeat project capstone files. what I have done is summarise


all of these 4 separate read_csv file have columns defined, distinct and summarise. colnames I can share here

or for instance I want to do summarise the column hourly, by minutes and daily. how should I go by.

I wish someone was there with me in person. I am home bound and no one knows R in my circle of friend :frowning:

now I wanted these four tables to be merged into one to define calories variation from minutes to hourly to daily

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