How do I solve this error code in R data panel model

Im trying to run this code but I have not been successful for a fixed-effect model in Rstudip.

this are my variables

y <- cbind(tfpch)
x <- cbind(EI, LP, INFA)

This is the code and the error

fixed<-plm(y~x,data = mydata,index = c("ID", "t"), model="within")
Error in class(x) <- setdiff(class(x), "pseries") :
invalid to set the class to matrix unless the dimension attribute is of length 2 (was 0)

The columns of my data are ID(name of the firm), t(year), EI(energy intensity -independent variable, LP(labour productivity - independent variable, INFA(Investment in fixed assets - independent variable, TFPCH (total factor of productivity change -dependent variable).

Im looking how to fix this issue but none of the solutions offered here the work so far.

To be able to help you should create small datasets that show the error.
Maybe you started coding this by adapting a textbook example.
If so, include the code that was used and indicate in what respect your data differs from the example.

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