How do I solve below Error?Trying to open an an Rworkspace

Error in load(name, envir = .GlobalEnv) : error reading from connection
During startup - Warning message:
unable to restore saved data in C:/Users/Isrum/Documents/research/data/demog.RData

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In terms of helping you with the information you provided, the error message unable to restore saved data in C:/Users/Isrum/Documents/research/data/demog.RData suggest R is having trouble with that file. If you open a RStudio from a different projuct, can you open demog.RData successfully?


  1. I am using R desktop edition Version 3.5. OS Windows 10
  2. The Workspace I am trying to load is in my Documents and I am trying to explore this data file.Thus I expected it to open
    3.In saying different product you mean Server edition?

I am a little confused, are you using the RStudio IDE or just R? (Differentiating R from RStudio)

In above error I was using R ,tried loading same in RStudio IDE and had an "error in connection"

I'm struggling to find a past example of an "error in connection" message in relation to RStudio IDE Desktop.

I would suggest working through this troubleshooting guide:

Failing that, the "Error information" at the bottom of the page could be handy to diagnose the issue.