How do I setup RStudio Connect on A Ubuntu Server with Apache Hosting A WordPress - both on https ?


Need some advice if it is possible for an Ubuntu Server 16.04 to host 2 https:// web sites:

  1. RStudio Connect
  2. WordPress

The Ubuntu Server is running Apache 2.4.7 and both https:// have individual SSL certificates.

Any pointers to how I might be able to set this up?

Thank you !


This is a fantastic question! If you want to host both sites on the same port (i.e. 443) so that they can be accessed at something like and , then you will almost certainly need a "reverse proxy." Another option would be and, which DNS and a reverse proxy can take care of routing to the appropriate service. The most common examples are Apache and nginx, and there are lots of tutorials that explain using them for SSL termination / routing / etc.

For instance, there are examples in this section of the Connect admin guide:

The other alternative would be to host the products on different ports and manage the SSL termination within each product. I'm not sure how this is done within WordPress, but this section talks about browser security with RStudio Connect, and the SSL certificate can be configured directly. In this setup, your services might be accessed at (for WordPress) and (for RStudio Connect).

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Hi @cole,

Thanks for your reply.

We decided to split the server since we are on the Linode cloud so that RStudio Connect is sitting by itself; while our main web page goes https
:// on the other server.

All went well with this simple configuration. :smile:


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Glad to hear this went well!! Separate servers is definitely a simpler setup! :slight_smile: Let us know if you have any more questions that we can help with!

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