How do I set up user credentials for SVN?


I am working on a package on R-forge that uses RStudio. My commits are always rejected as thus:

svn:  E170001:  Commit failed (details follow): 
svn:  E170001:  Authorization failed

I (using my R-forge credentials) have full permissions to commit changes to the repository, but I don't know how to tell RStudio what my username and password is for R-forge. I am never prompted for this information, only told it doesn't work. I've tried my username and password to my keychain and setting my .server file to look there, but not success. I've also tried using ssh keys, but same result. And I've tried this on the command line with the exact same error message resulting:

svn commit -m 'some commit message' --username 'myusername' --password 'mypassword' 

Any ideas? I am completely stuck and pretty much hate SVN right now.

Thank you.

Update: I readded the repo using an ssh checkout procedure rather than doing a checkout as an anonymous user and at least now it works on the command line, so I am calling this good enough.

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