How do I resolve the following error

Hi, Please assist in how i can resolve the following error: when writing a single pipeline using the %>% operator to create and store a Spark dataframe:

Code chunk:
df_London <- London_file_1 %>%
group_by(start_year,start_month,start_day) %>%
count(start_station) %>%
select(station_id =start_station,year = start_year,month = start_month,day = start_day,demand=n) %>%
left_join(London_file_1, by =c("day" = "day","month" ="month","year" ="year")) %>%
left_join(London_file_4, by =c("station_id"))

Error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Object not found 96
at sparklyr.StreamHandler.handleMethodCall(stream.scala:115)
at sparklyr.BackendHandler.$anonfun$channelRead0$1(handler.scala:60)
at scala.util.control.Breaks.breakable(Breaks.scala:42)
at sparklyr.BackendHandler.channelRead0(handler.scala:41)
at sparklyr.BackendHandler.channelRead0(handler.scala:14)

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