How do I remove "Inactive" users from RStudio Workbench

I'm running a licensed RStudio workbench server. I have a few users who can't login. They are seeing the following error: "Error: The user limit for this license has been reached, or you are not allowed access". /var/log/syslog shows "Warning User 'username' is locked or there is no license available". Most users can login, even accounts have been freshly created on the server. The dashboard shows that I have only used 1/4th my possible user count. The command "rstudio-server list-users | grep problematicUserName" lists the user as Inactive and not an admin. Users who are Inactive are seeing the user limit error. All "Active" accounts can login just fine; users who aren't listed, can login, and then show up as active.

Using rstudio-server, I can lock the user account, unlocking still returns the setting of Inactive.

How do I remove that setting? Or how do I remove the user in a way that they can be re-added?

-Mike Tie (Carleton College)

Hi @mtie,

Thank you for reaching out on Posit Community.

It will be helpful to get some more details about your configuration to debug things. Since you're a customer of our Professional Products, you have access to our Premium Support.

I'd encourage you to submit a support ticket on this topic. Once you figure it out, it'd be great to share here for others to learn from!

You can submit a ticket here:

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