How do I parse XML-TEI?

I've got several texts in XML-TEI-P5 format that I eventually need as a corpus (e.g. tm, quanteda or stylo corpus). I've never worked with XML and have trouble parsing it. I get the text, but it still has all the annotations in that I don't manage to delete. Also, I only need the text, not the metadata.

Here are two approaches I've tried so far:

  1. With XML and xml2 . Problem here is that root1 is a "External pointer of class 'XMLInternalElemtNode'" and I can't manage to transform it into anything else.
A1 <- read_xml("")
doc1 <- xmlParse(A1)
root1 <- xmlRoot(doc1)

  1. With stylo: (same document, but saved locally)
Corpus_alle <- load.corpus.and.parse(files = "all", corpus.dir = "TexteXML", markup.type= "XML",
                      corpus.lang = "German", splitting.rule = NULL,
                      sample.size = 10000, sampling = "no.sampling",
                      sample.overlap = 0, number.of.samples = 1,
                      sampling.with.replacement = FALSE, features = "w", 
                      ngram.size = 1, = FALSE,
                      encoding = "UTF-8")

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