How do I make all the data labels for the x axis visable?


main="Frequency Of Rubbish Types found on the Sardine Run",

xlab="Rubbish Type"

ylab="Frequency of rubbish type found"







names.arg=c("Hard Plastic", "Soft Plastic", "Cigarette Pack", "Cigarette Butt", "Food Wrapper", "Bottles"," Plastic foodware eg plates cups and cutlery", "Bottle Caps", "Single Use Plastic Bag", "Disposible Vapes", "Metal", "Textiles", "Styrafoam", "Plastic Wire", "Paint Roller", "Zipper", "Glass", "Fishing line", "Fishing line with hook", "Fibreglass", "Sandpaper", "Facemask", "Rubber", "Balloon", "Tile", "Feminine Hygeine Products", "Beauty Products", "Diving Gear")


You can try rotating the text on the x axis and shrinking the size of the tick labels using the par() function.
Compare the two plot below.

DF <- data.frame(X = c("A","B","C"), Y = c(5,4,8))
barplot(Y ~ X, data = DF)

par(las = 3, cex.axis = 0.7)
barplot(Y ~ X, data = DF)

Created on 2023-08-14 with reprex v2.0.2

hi there! thanks for the insight. how do I access the las function? do I need to download a specific package?

The par() function is part of the graphics package included in base R. You can run ?par to see its Help file. The par() function has many parameters, so the Help file is long.

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